Synopsis: “Cuffed” is the story of Clay, an unassuming security guard at a retail store who catches feelings for his new coworker, Rachel. He must navigate his mother’s criticisms, his harsh boss’s sharp eye, and his own awkward, bumbling personality to win her over.

Character descriptions
Clay: White male. Age 25-30. A languid, mild mannered, and fidgety security guard at a retail store who lives in his mother’s basement. He is swooned by Rachel, the new stock girl at his job, and must try to win her over without embarrassing himself.
Mary: White woman. Age 45-60. Clay’s domineering mother who controls (and criticizes) every aspect of his life. For fun, Mary enjoys smoking cigarettes, reading cheap paperback novels, and gossiping about her neighbors.
Mags: Woman (any race). 50-65. Clay’s firey and wise coworker who also serves as his confidant and surrogate mother. Down-to-Earth, sarcastic, and quick, she is one of the few who can get Clay to leave his comfort zone.
Terrance: Male (any race). 22-30. Clay’s Napolionic, fresh-out-of-business school boss who thinks he’s running the Pentagon and not a retail store. Quick to abuse the little power he has.
Rachel: Woman (any race). 25-30. The new enthusiastic, but somewhat naive, hire who Clay wants to win over. Kind and compassionate, Rachel is one of the few who finds Clay’s awkward disposition charming.
Angry Guest: small speaking role