Why Greater Philadelphia?

philly skylineWhat do Ryan Coogler, Jonathan Demme, F. Gary Gray, Sylvester Stallone, Michael Bay, Peter Jackson and M. Night Shyamalan all have in common?  They love filming in Philadelphia!  Browse through our website and find out why the Greater Philadelphia Film Office is the hardest working film commission and consistently supports all productions no matter how big or how small.

Why Is Philly The Best?

Visit our Locations database and discover why Greater Philadelphia’s diverse range of architecture and landscapes make our region the perfect setting for any production.
Take a look at our Crew & Vendor Listings Directory and see why top Hollywood Producers hire locally from our crew and talent base.
Greater Philadelphia Film Office prides ourselves in our hands-on approach to customer service.  We assist all productions, big or small, in obtaining all permits, handling all police and other city department requests and create customized location packets for all productions.  Let us help you save precious time and energy, email us or call 215-686-2668.

Need More Convincing?

Check out our Incentives page and find out why the PA Film Production Tax Credit is one of the best and most sustainable in the industry.

Plus, listen in to NPR to hear about our film (and fashion!) icon Rocky Balboa, and that, “Clearly, Philly is onto something.”