The City of Philadelphia is currently facing great economic hardship, and the Greater Philadelphia Film Office wishes to be a part of its ongoing recovery efforts. In response to revenue losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the new budget proposed by the City of Philadelphia Mayor’s Office will cut grant funding through the Office of the City Representative. This would defund GPFO and eliminate other city departments that are vital to the region’s local film industry.

Roughly 1/5 of GPFO’s budget came from the city grant last year.

With consistent film production work, GPFO attracts and facilitates over 1,500 local jobs a year across a wide variety of business sectors. We have stimulated over $6 billion in the local economy since 1992.

Indirect spending from the film industry benefits businesses across the city, effecting tourism, construction, material suppliers, hospitality, restaurants, recreation, and more. This spending generates tax revenue for the city at large.

We need members of the film industry, business owners, and supporters of Philadelphia arts and culture to speak out.

Your voice is critical in our recovery efforts, which will have resounding benefits far beyond the film industry.

If there is no opportunity for recovery, it will cost hundreds of highly skilled workers their ability to continue to work and provide for their families.

This is a fight to save our livelihoods and our future.

Take action today, as timing will be instrumental in saving the Philadelphia film industry.

City Council is beginning deliberations on the budget on Monday, May 18, 2020 and we need your immediate action.

Contact Council President Darrell Clarke, and if you are a Philadelphia resident, your city council member by clicking the link below.


Share your personal story or feel free to use the template provided below.

Dear [Council President Clarke] or [Councilmember Name],
I am emailing you today in support of the Philadelphia film industry and the Greater Philadelphia Film Office. The proposed budget by the Mayor’s Office will cause detrimental harm to our City’s film industry by removing funding for the GPFO, one of our industry’s biggest assets. I believe the film industry will be key in rebuilding the local economy, which provides jobs and utilizes local business across the City. Without a film commission, Philadelphia loses its draw to productions. Losing production business will cost hundreds of highly skilled workers the ability to continue their work and provide for their families, creating no opportunity for recovery in this unprecedented pandemic.
Please show your support for the members of the Philadelphia film industry by continuing to fund the Greater Philadelphia Film Office’s valuable work in production attraction, education, and production services.
Thank you,


TAKE ACTION! || Encourage City Council to continue funding the local film industry. Our people, businesses and economy depend on it now more than ever. Your words can help us make a difference. For details visit || #SavePhillyFilm #GPFO


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