ReelCrew Tips

Three categories are allotted for every Free Profile. If you require more than 3 categories, you will need to create multiple profiles. PLEASE NOTE: They will not be linked or referenced in the system. Usernames for multiple profiles must be different. Passwords can be the same.

This new platform separates all listings into Crew and Vendors (Support Services). Crew, is comprised of traditional, on-set CREW JOBS. Support Services is comprised of any business/individual that contracts with a production for services of any kind.


You may also need to create two (2) profiles if, for example, you are Caterer and provide Craft Services. In this case, you would need to create two profiles: One for Caterer (Support Services) and a second for Craft Services (Crew). You will not be able to link the two profiles.
Please login to update your credits so they are displayed and efficiently searchable in the proper format for this new system. The data collected for credits on the old platform does not match up to migrate over to the new system. It is very important to have the most recent and CORRECT credits listed in the correct place here. Please follow the format carefully to ensure optimal exposure.
Please login to select all union affiliations to increase your visibility in common search results.
This is no longer a separate field. We recommend including this in your information in the Special Skills & Experience section.
The last thing you need to do is learn how to load media to yet another platform. So instead, please login to upload links to your top 3 multimedia galleries.


2) YouTube/Vimeo
3) Facebook/Twitter
4) The social media outlet you post to most frequently

Questions? Please contact us at the film office.