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As the nonprofit film commission representing the Greater Philadelphia region, GPFO loudly and proudly shares news about the Philadelphia film industry. Specifically, we share news about media productions MADE IN Philadelphia, MADE BY Philadelphia-based filmmakers and MADE ABOUT Philadelphia and its citizens. In addition, we share information about film-related events, opportunities for filmmakers and Philadelphia-based filmmaker success stories. GPFO will gladly consider all social media requests via the form below. Submissions will be reviewed and, if approved at our discretion, added to our social media posts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

To maintain a relevant and spam-free social media platform, please only submit breaking news or newsworthy information for filmmakers, crew, vendors, or talent. Please include working links to your information and links to any relevant graphics (high resolution JPG or PNG files only).

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  • For-profit sales efforts
  • Fundraising campaigns that are not associated with GPFO’s fiscal sponsorship clients
  • Promotion of vulgar content or events
  • General industry gossip that may alienate, offend or embarrass production professionals and talent featured in past, current or future projects

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