Code of Conduct

Welcome to Greater Philadelphia. We are privileged to work in the most exciting growth industry in the world, and each of us carries a responsibility to conduct ourselves in a courteous and respectable manner. While on location, it is mandatory that all members of a cast and crew maintain a good relationship with the local citizenry. We cannot afford to jeopardize the ability of future productions to work in a neighborhood because of the behavior of the personnel on any one film or  video project. Remember that film crews working in neighborhoods are merely guests. To that end we ask that you follow the following Code of Conduct.

When filming in a neighborhood or business district, proper notification is to be provided to each merchant or neighbor who is directly affected by the company (this includes parking, base camps and meal areas). The filming notice should include:

  • Name of company
  • Kind of production (e.g., feature film, commercial, TV program, music video)
  • Type of activity and duration (times, dates, number of days, including prep and strike)
  • Company contact (1st AD, UPM, or Location Manager, etc.)
  • Contact phone number

The Code of Conduct should be attached to the filming notification, which is distributed to the

Every member of the crew shall wear a production pass or ID (when one is issued) while at
the location.

Personal Vehicles

  • That are neither production vehicles nor picture cars MAY NOT park at location.
  • Production is responsible to arrange for parking of crew vehicles, as approved by film office.

Production Vehicles

  • Production vehicles shall not enter the area before the official call time
  • Shall park one by one
  • Shall turn off engines ASAP
  • Shall observe designated parking areas
  • Shall leave the location at the designated time
  • Shall not park production vehicles in, or block driveways without the express permission of the municipal jurisdiction or driveway owner

The removal, moving or towing of the public’s vehicles is prohibited except when
conducted by an authorized police tow truck.

Cast and Crew meals shall be confined to the area designated by locations.