“Set in Philadelphia” Screenwriting Competition (SIP), which is presented by the Greater Philadelphia Film Office, is open to all screenwriters, world-wide, who submit a feature length screenplay OR an original TV pilot length screenplay that can be shot in the Greater Philadelphia Metropolitan Area. All genres will be accepted. Scripts will be judged on their overall quality, and the extent to which they project “shootability” in the Greater Philadelphia region. SIP Finalist Judges are high profile Producers, Writers and Actors who have a Philadelphia connection.

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The “Set in Philadelphia” Screenwriting Competition (SIP) is proudly presented by the Greater Philadelphia Film Office under its Greater Philadelphia Filmmakers program with 2020 awards sponsored by:

Hallee and David Adelman
Comcast & NBCUniversal
Progressive Change, CDC and West Philadelphia Financial Services Institution
Derek Freese Film Foundation

2020 application

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SIP 2021 will open in the Spring

2020 Rules/Regulations

The Oscar Micheaux Award eligibility form.

  • $5,000 cash prize
  • Notes from Judges
  • National Press
  • Synopsis published on www.film.org/sip

For the best screenplay penned by a Philadelphia area resident of the African Diaspora

  • $2,500 cash prize
  • Notes from Judges
  • National Press
  • Synopsis published on www.film.org/sip
  • $500 Cash Prize
  • Notes from Judges
  • National Press
  • Synopsis published on www.film.org/sip

2020 Sponsors

Past Winners
SIP Judges

Congratulations to the 2020 “Set in Philadelphia” Screenwriting Competition (SIP) Finalists and thanks to all who submitted. Tough Race!

Winners will be announced in the Spring.


Feature Finalists (in alphabetical order)

Audrey’s Children

Inspired by the life of legendary oncologist and Co-Founder of Ronald McDonald House Charities, Dr. Audrey Evans. When Audrey arrives in Philadelphia in 1970, nearly all children with cancer die. Through faith, science and moxie, she makes it her mission to change that.


When an ambitious high school senior is passed over for the lead role in a community theater production of her favorite play, she goes on a rampage, stopping at nothing to become the star.

Good Citizen

When the troubled brother in a family-run Pennsylvania mushroom farm returns from rehab and learns that an undocumented immigrant has taken his job and his ex-girlfriend, he ruthlessly moves to reclaim what he sees as his “rightful place.”

Map of Your Life

MAP OF YOUR LIFE is romantic comedy about Henry, a struggling songwriter in his 30s, who’s having a bad month: his girlfriend dumps him, his best friend moves away and his parents have lost confidence in him, leaving him feeling more lost than ever. With nothing to lose, our guy tries a new service called ‘Map of Your Life’ – an app which has access to all digital data collected about you and people you know, that can calculate, with a high degree of certainty, what choices will lead to achieving your goals. And it totally works— through a series of seemingly random encounters, and against all odds, Henry ends up writing songs with celebrity rock stars who can make his music heard by everyone. But there’s one problem, when Henry meets Jessica— a woman who captures his heart — the Map App warns Henry that a romantic path with Jessica will conflict with his goals of success. In the end, Henry must find his inner compass to navigate the conflicting paths.


A white “hero” COP from Philly (saved a child in the MOVE BOMBING) must decide between lying to the Move Grand Jury in order to save the lives of three corrupt Cops accused of murdering 6 unarmed children, burning down 61 row-homes and destroying an entire working class black community or risk himself and his bi-racial son both being killed.

TV Pilot Finalists (in alphabetical order)


About Your Mother

After the unexpected and surprisingly lascivious passing of their estranged father, adult siblings Melissa, George and Annie must find a way to reconnect with their indigent, quirky mother after they agree to share custody of her on a rotating basis.

The Immune

In a post-COVID near future, a second, more devastating pandemic wipes out the majority of the world’s population, but spares many gay men and sex workers who happened to be on PrEP, the anti-HIV medication.  Now, a commune of survivors on the outskirts of Philadelphia must fight to survive in a world of warring clans, rapidly dwindling resources, and increasingly precious stockpiles of their life-saving medicine.


When a down on his luck gay stand-up comedian is mistaken for a priest, he selfishly takes on the new identity as a way to better his comedy career and life as a whole before realizing the good he can do for those in the Church with his progressive approach to the world.

Throw Like a Girl

“Annie” meet “The Bad News Bears”, THROW LIKE A GIRL tells the story of CARMINE, a broken and banished baseball superstar, as he struggles to raise his fiercely feminist 11-year old daughter, MICKEY, as a single dad. Carmine discovers that the key to his elusive happiness is overcoming his toxic masculinity and becoming a good man for a Little League team of vulnerable girls that need him.

Vigilante Nancy

Vigilante Nancy is a fish out of water comedy about a methodical ex-military ex-wife who struggles to adjust to suburbia, as she finds herself in the unexpected business of cleaning up her neighborhood.