Mercy is the story of Robert, an ailing retiree who hopes to make amends with his estranged son, Nicolas, after the death of Robert’s wife/Nicolas’s mom. With the help of his daughter-in-law, Robert sets out on a journey to reconnect with his family, but his stubbornness prevents him to apologize for the mistakes of his past along with the circumstances surrounding his wife’s death. Will Robert’s surprise appearance be enough for Nicolas?

Character Descriptions
ROBERT GRAY: Male; Senior; Santa Claus build; Visibly disheveled and clearly cannot take care of himself; Constant cough due to a lifetime of habitual smoking
NICOLAS GRAY: Male; Late 30’s to early 40’s; Son of Richard Gray; Clean shaven and well put together; A lifetime of broken promises from his father has caused him to put up an emotional wall
CHARLOTTE GRAY: Female; Late 30’s; Wife of Nicolas Gray; Soft features; Extremely approachable and friendly; unlike her husband she chooses to see the best in people and is always willing to give people a second chance
CADEN GRAY: Male; 13 years old; Son of Nicolas and Charlotte Gray; Possesses the same optimistic views as his mother but is a spitting image of his father (and grandfather); Innocent but curious

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