“Allostasis” — Drexel University Student Film
LOGLINE: A young woman tormented by her past traumas resorts to psychoanalytic
dream therapy to navigate both the people, and experiences she desires to heal from.

Seeking non-union actors for the following roles:

MICAH – Female/20s – Lead
Micah is a down-to-earth young woman that has found herself stuck in the grips of
depression and anxiety. Attempting to navigate her mental health, she turns to
psychoanalytic dream therapy to begin the process of taking control of her life, and
pinpoint the moments that may have lead it off track.

THE GUIDE/THERAPIST- Male/Female/30s – Supporting
The Guide/Therapist serves as a reminder of her patient, Micah’s, inner voice as she
navigates through her subconscious in psychoanalytic dream therapy.

CADE – Male/20s – Supporting
Cade’s handsome features and charming personality distract from his extreme
possessive and abusive behavior towards his girlfriend Micah, who has now resorted to
psychoanalytic dream therapy to repair herself.

LAURA – Female/20s – Supporting
The epitome of a mean girl, and a dark, gothic style to go with it, Laura is the constant
harasser of Micah, who has now resorted to psychoanalytic dream therapy to work
through the trauma she has experienced.

REID – Male/20s – Supporting
Reid is the once best friend and ex-shoulder to cry on for Micah. However his new
relationship with the manipulative Laura, and his inherent passiveness to her actions
towards Micah has resulted in suffering only therapy can begin to repair.

Shooting dates are April 3-6, 2020. Auditions will be held February 16, 2020.
Please contact Jess Dixon at jbd82@drexel.edu with your headshot, resume, and reel.