Students are welcome and encouraged to apply. Looking for a Caucasian male, 25-40 years old, no visible tattoos or piercings, somewhat skinny (the part is a struggling writer,) and hair that can be styled in a manner appropriate for the 1920s. The ideal candidate should be able to improvise and take direction on the spot. Stage/Theatre experience a big plus. The project itself is a silent horror film in the style of those types of productions from the 1910s and 1920s. We have already produced a similar short and it has been somewhat well-received. Filming would be 2 to 3 days over the weekend or two, or whenever is convenient for everyone. If interested, please send an email with a headshot / resume / demo reel. This is far from a Hollywood production, so expect something laid back with minimal crew and equipment. We do this for fun, however a number of our projects receive distribution via DVD / VOD. This is a volunteer position — there is no pay — but you will get credit on IMDb and something to add to your demo reel. Thanks!