Looking for two female actors between the ages of 18-21 in a short span of time to film a concept trailer. The concept trailer is for crowdfunding campaign for a web-series we plan on producing. We plan on shooting the trailer in October, hence why we are looking to cast people as soon as possible.
The web-series is an LGBT psychological horror/comedy about a group of teens who work on a political candidate’s campaign over the summer. We are looking to cast actors who identify as LGBT, but straight actors are also welcome to apply of course. Your identity will NOT determine if you qualify for a role or not, only your acting.

Kenya–(African-American) A chill, bisexual girl who tries to keep the rest of her friends in a stable state of mind, but eventually gets lost in the madness as well.

Sarah– (Caucasian) A tall, hippie-like, pansexual tomboy who tries her best to support her girlfriend, Ayanna (played by the producer) in the midst of everything that is going on.

Application details:
If you are interested in either role, you must include the following information in your email:
Full name
Character you applied for
Video reel (if you have any; though you may still be considered if you don’t have one)
Cover letter/ why you’re interested in the role

Because we are looking to cast as soon as possible, there is a chance you may be hired right off the bat if you have a video reel that makes us feel as though you fit the character you applied for perfectly. There is also a chance we may ask for a self-tape audition from you before we consider you.

Although this is a volunteer position, you will receive a credit and food compensation.