Casting “The Contract Musical” A musical short film that takes place in the late 1800’s. The film revolves around a crew of workers that are installing the last section of railroad which will complete a coast to coast rail line. Through out the story we break the fourth wall repeatedly and reveal that there’s much more being worked on than just train tracks. (No singing or dancing experience required, but it is a plus)

22 to 35 years old, all ethnicities male, Good Looking, 22-35, Pothead, High all the time, Any Race, arrogant, narcissistic personality disorder, Bass voice, expressive eyes. Ike grew up in a wealthy family. Provided with the best private high school education in the area, he had little need to work, and spent his days smoking joints with his high school buddies. He achieved a prestigious psychology degree, and having since graduated, has done little more than imagine the thought of himself developing a powerful consulting firm. It would seem that this mindset alone convinces him of his productive day. Some day he’ll pursue that mentor and create a new boom. But not today. After the panic of 1893, he was forced to join a local railroad site to afford his luxurious clothing. His first day on the job…

Male, 22-35, Overweight, constantly snacking, Any Race, Hedonistic personality disorder, Berer Tone Voice, Expressive arms/body Mike grew up to an industrial cereal tycoon; breakfast was a new concept due to the early and efficient hours of industrial work. Provided with all the food and treats he could want, he developed a lust for security in finance to fund his expensive eating habits. He achieved a prestigious business degree but having since graduated has done little more than imagine the thought of himself creating a powerful assembly line business. It would seem that this mindset alone, as well as many treats, convince him that he has been productive that day. Someday he’ll start that diet program, but not today. after the panic of 1893, he was forced to join a local railroad site to afford his luxurious eating. His first day on the job…

Male, Good Looking, 22-35, Thin, small, looks intelligent, Any race, beautiful Tenor voice, histrionic personality disorder, imaginative eyes Hero grew up in a lower class than his two buddies Ike and Mike, but his early intelligence got him into the prestigious school they all attended. He always had a knack for big ideas, thinking outside the box, but for some reason he always chose to spend time with his un-employed friends. He attended university and achieved a prestigious philosophy masters degree in an accelerated program. He could’ve done very well as a professor, but decided to spend his post-grad days with his friends Mike and Ike. Always dreaming and ‘developing’ he talks a lot about that novel he’s going to start someday, but not today. He joined his buddies at a local railroad construction site to be with easy and familiar company…

40 to 65 years old, Caucasian male. Once attractive, very slender and tall, white, smooth talker with a smokers’ rasp, berer tone voice, whitening hair, chiseled jaw and face, square shoulders, piercing eyes. Immersive writer/director. The powerful and supernatural Villain is almost not of this world. Not unlike a seasoned womanizer, or a villainous Greek God, he watches his prey from afar, studying, until making his move. He plays with fire, offering a contract and some of his power to unknowing victims, with the joy of seeing them destroy themselves. He’s motivated by a good story, and seems to have involved himself so much that he can barely define the world he writes from the world he lives in, often speaking internally to the characters he writes.

16 to 30 years old, Caucasian male. Short, expressive eyes, 16-30, becks to the call of the Villain, white, any weight, cocaine addict Tried his hand at carnival clowning but chose to pursue music instead. Source of music and comedy and dances between the real and the story.