VOLUNTEER CREW needed for “LZ” (Landing Zone). We’re looking for filmmakers in area who want to create with us to make an amazing film we can submit to festivals!

LZ” (Landing Zone) is a story about an American doctor, Dr. Abuela who is sent to the front line of a war conflict between a falling government and rebels. The doctor is given specific instructions to stay away from the fighting, but the doctor cannot stay away, she must help anyway she can and is captured. The American Government sends in one lone operative to rescue the doctor. Once the alarm is tripped they have only 24 hours to reach the Landing Zone for evacuation.

1. Director of Photography
2. Assistant Camera
3. Assistant Director
4. 2nd Assistant Director
5. Set Designer
6. Sound Mixer
7. Grip
8. Gaffer
9. Film Editor
10. VFX Artist
11. VFX Supervisor
12. Wardrobe Designer
13. Fight Choreographer – Must know marital arts and prop gun usage.
14. MakeUp Artist

Running time: 40 Min, locations TBD

Script length: 40 Pages

Production Days:
5 Days of Dialogue on Location
4 Days of Fighting on Location

Theme: As angels slowly realize God is showing the humans love and not them, Lucifer leads a revolution against God (and those who follow Him) out of envy.

Tone: The long-known story of Lucifer being cast out of Heaven with “300” style.

Synopsis: A female doctor is taken hostage as a prisoner of war. A soldier in the army that is holding her hostage tries to help her escape. ‘LZ’ (Landing Zone), is a story of how two people’s worlds collide when they are brought together by extreme circumstances to find out that love is brought by fate. But can it withstand the most extreme situations?

**PLEASE SEND RESUMES TO info@soundsightllc.com.**

**Soundsight Productions has all equipment and plan needed, for pre-production, production and post-production work. If you would like to add equipment that you think could help production let us know**

**This short is mainly to have fun with other filmmakers who want to create and to showcase their talent and hard work, IMBD Credit and Addition to Reel**