VOLUNTEER CREW needed for “Visitor”. We’re looking for filmmakers in area who want to create with us to make an amazing film we can submit to festivals!

“Visitor” is a horror short film about four friends taking a road trip in the middle of a national emergency. They don’t realize as one of their friends is affected by a virus that was brought by an unknown and unwanted visitor.

1. Director of Photography
2. Assistant Camera
3. Assistant Director
4. 2nd Assistant Director
5. Set Designer
6. Sound Mixer
7. Grip
8. Gaffer
9. Film Editor
10. VFX Artist
11. VFX Supervisor
12. MakeUp Artist

Running time: 40 Min, locations TBD

Script length: 40 Pages

Production Days:
4 Days of Dialogue in Car/Van
4 Days on Location

Theme: Are we prepared for apocalyptic situations? Are we prepared when loved ones turn against us? Are we prepared for chaos?

Tone: Sci-fi horror short film that resembles “Signs” and “Contagion”.

Synopsis: Two couples, four life-long friends, decide to take a cross-country road trip. We first see a storm that engulfs an unfamiliar aircraft. The substances from the aircraft start to infect people around the country. Our four main characters don’t realize the state of emergency they are in while they’ve been enjoying each other’s company. They are so distracted in fact that they don’t even realize one of their own friends is infected.

**PLEASE SEND RESUMES TO info@soundsightllc.com.**

**Soundsight Productions has all equipment and plan needed, for pre-production, production and post-production work. If you would like to add equipment that you think could help production let us know**

**This short is mainly to have fun with other filmmakers who want to create and to showcase their talent and hard work, IMBD Credit and Addition to Reel**