Casting for a feature film.

Film is microbudget, but everyone will be compensated for their time. This also means there is an abundance of room for creativity, freedom, and on the fly scenes.

The logline of this film is: Riley, a biracial girl in her final week of NYU, goes to great lengths to win the affections of a boy from her hometown of Philly, and ends up having to confront her escalating anxieties about her family and future.

Director/Writer: Kit Zauhar

All of these cast members are not needed for more than 4 days of shooting.

Shooting takes place: Mid-late July/Early August. Schedules can be flexible.

Specifically looking for people from Philly (accent is a plus for younger characters and Dad, but not necessary) to fill these roles.

FATHER (50-65): Caucasian and tall. Intellectual and reserved. Matter-of-fact, but never condescending. Is a professor/doctor-type.

MOTHER (50-65): Chinese, must be able to speak Mandarin. Intellectual. Exudes a caring and comforting presence.

HENRY (20-24): Any ethnicity. Lanky and gangly. Has a nervous energy. Must be comfortable with kissing/obscured sex scene.

TIFFANY (20-24): Chinese. Cute and preppy. Think the best Penn student. No facial piercings or visible tattoos.

To submit for these roles, please follow instructions carefully:



Include union status, contact info, resume, reel (if applicable) and photos (no professional ones needed if you don’t have them).

If selected, you’ll be contacted with sides.