Title: Love You Right

Independent Feature Film – Non Union

Director and Producer Christina Faith (www.CreativeThoughtMedia.com)

Key Contact: Casting Email: casting@creativethoughtmedia.com)

Shooting Location: Philadelphia, PA

Project Synopsis: A 34-year-old multi platinum R&B singer who just got exposed cheating on his girlfriend in the midst of his promotion tour for his new comeback album. While attempting to show his fans a new mature and faithful man persona, he’s struggling with his old bad boy ways holding him back.

Looking For:

Black Male Child Lead aged 10-12
Fun and outgoing but has an romanticism for all things music. He loves to hang out with his friends from the city that all hang out and play together around their neighborhood. Medium Brown Skin Complexion.
Singing Preferred (i.e. Young Usher)

Black Female Child Lead aged 10-12
She loves to hang out with her best friends around the neighborhood and talk about music. She is intelligent and witty for her age and know it. Medium-Light Brown Skin Complexion

Black Male Child Character aged 10-12
The fun and loving best friend that is always looking to make his other friends have a better time.
Brown Skin Complexion

Asian Male Child Character aged 10-12
The best friend that is sarcastic, well-cultured, but has a slightly nerdy side that shows up at times.

Black Male Child Character aged 10-12
He is a little overweight but has a dynamite personality that sets every room that he is in on fire. He is very ambitious and likes to make money even though the other kids aren’t focused on it. Medium-Light Brown Skin Complexion

Black Female Character aged 55-60
Motherly, fun-loving, but can be protective over her grown son.

Cambodian Male Character age 30-35
The loyal and empathetic best friend in a group of seemingly cold-hearted friends. Although he has the most style and swagger.

Black Male Grandfather aged 55-70
God-fearing grandfather that has instilled knowledge and wisdom into his children and grandchildren.

Any Ethnicity Male – Age 25-40
Security guard built. Looks intimidating and menacing.

Key Dates: Filming starts Mid June 2019

Compensation: Deferred Compensation