I’m looking for a hard working and talented editor to edit a piece that I have been working on over the last few months. I am remaking a few scenes from known movies and need these to be edited together with the hopes to look as close to original as possible. In total the finished edit would be roughly 4 minutes in length. I need the finished project completed by June 4th at the absolute latest because I will be using the edit on June 7th.

The editor i hope to work with needs to demonstrate a strong knowledge of film storytelling, composition and humor. One specific scene follows the beat of music very closely and could be compared to a music video. The editor will need to work quickly and accurately to complete this project. I would prefer to meet you in person to go over the fine details of the film and how it relates to the source material.

This is paid 200 dollars and I hope you will see the value in adding this to your work reel.

On top of that I also need a 90 sec to 120 sec montage edit put together by the same date. This project is secondary to the original project and would be ideal if both could be done.

I look forward to hearing from everyone interested and can’t wait to let you get started on what will be a fun and exciting project.

Devin Goundry