Synopsis: In this visual motif, an individual is living through a heighten state in a world consumed by social media, paranoia created from the news, as well as internal struggles. It can make someone explode. Come enter this overstimulated world….
seeking new and/or non-represented talent.
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities
Age: All Ages
Shooting: June 23

The User (Lead) – The individual who is taking in all these stimulations. This role would require an extra day of shooting
Mr. Dopamine – An individual who craves and seeks likes uncontrollably
Buzzer – This individual mimics their phone in a theatrical fashion
Insanely Crazy – An individual doing all sort of actions with the props uncontrollably
The News Reporter – An individual reporting current events, transitions between dialogue as if someone is changing the channel

Besides the lead role, it is best advised to be comfortable with improvisation.

For those interested please email with a headshot included: