Looking for a CHILD ACTRESS (Age 6-7) in the Philadelphia PA area for a new short episode of the dark supernatural drama web series, “Grimoire” (Season 2). Low budget production. Please check all the details on the casting call sheet.

Paid (check character details) IMDb Credit. Travel Compensation. Food/Water provided.

To Audition:
Please send your headshot and reel to GrimoireWebSeries@Gmail.com

Episode Title: The Shadow Game
Plot: When a family loses their child in a tragic accident, their pain and suffering manifests itself in a terrifyingly sinister form.

Filming will be in Philadelphia PA on Monday June 17th 2019

Pays $40-70 for a 3 hour shoot. IMDb Credit. Travel compensation. Water/Snacks provided.

Paige (supporting)
Age: 6-8
Ethnicity: Caucasian, Blonde hair
The light of her parents’ lives. Dies (offscreen) in a tragic accident, but her memory haunts the
family so vividly.
***Note: The child actor will NOT take part in any scary scenes. Any scenes that are considered too scary for a child will be filmed separately.