Crew Call

Looking for social media guru who has an interest in storytelling, is ambitious and hardworking. We are producing a documentary called Interview to Humanize.

“Interview to humanize” is a documentary sharing the point of view and the personal narratives of people around neighborhoods in the city of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania.
Because the world seems more eager to build walls instead of opening ears and hearts to understand others and where they come from, to show the reality of people whether it is based on their races, skin colors, sexual orientations, and religions.
We will start by showing how the world perceive these people, what they ultimately overlook before showing how they perceive themselves
The goal is not only to help people sympathize and humanize with the people participating in the movie but also to tear down all the stereotypes that they carry with them every day.

Job Expectations:
Handle all our social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook).
Create content for our social media.
Create a posting schedule
Be onset for interviews to provide a behind the scenes content.

Please contact with your resume and a brief summary of who you are!