This very short film (one minute long) is meant to be part of an international film contest.
The film has to be sent before 20th of October so we want to shoot it before the 15th, ideally. Filming would be only one day (2 maximum)
We will work with very few equipment, and this will be a volunteer position. Please see this project as a fun and good challenge for everyone of us !
We will of course get you food and credit compensation.

Logline: in a near future, fruits and vegetables have disappeared because of lack of water. A young woman gets busted by cops while trying to make an illegal deal of… a fruit.

MIA: Female, 18-22. Lust for life. Eager for good food and taste in her life. Energetic.
GARY: Male, 18-22. Tempting devil, smart, good shape and pace.

Policeman 1: Male, 30-40. Suspicious. Bossy. Line-crossing
Policeman 2: Male, 30-50. Nostalgic. Line-crossing

If interested, please send an email with a headshot / resume / demo reel.