In search of someone to play a leading role in a horror short/proof of concept. This is a masked, non-speaking role.

The purpose of this short is solely for fund raising/backing purposes to create a feature length film. The feature script is completely written, so any character development questions you may have can be answered.

Dates are TBD – we are hoping to create a schedule based around yours.

Physical requirements:
-5’8″(ish), 130lb (ish) – think lurk-y and eerie.
-Shoulder(ish) length red hair. We are hoping for natural red hair, but it would also be okay if you are willing to dye it a natural red color (wigs could be discussed, but not preferred)
-Blue eyes
-Not a gender-specific casting, but the character is female.

Please submit any photos(if you have them), resume(if you have one), or anything you may have to showcase your ability for this role with your response. Thanks!