Tweed Weddings is looking for new videographers to add to our team. “Wedding videos for those of us who hate wedding videos,” is our philosophy. Our ideal candidate should be well-versed with DSLRs and have a calm and collected demeanor in a fast-paced atmosphere. Our shooters interact with clients, planners, and other vendors, therefore a professional attitude at all times is needed.

Besides the necessary camera skills we are looking for someone who is dedicated, mindful, and detail oriented. Creativity is a must. This is where we shine above the competition. There are no “re-shoots” in weddings, giving each shoot your “all” is a necessity. We have two tiers for our shooters, 1st shooter and 2nd shooter, and are looking to fill both positions.

Camera bodies – Mirrorless / Full-Frame DSLRs only:

Sony A7S
Panasonic GH5
Canon 5D Mark IV
Canon 1DX Mark II or higher
1st shooters requirements:

2 years professional experience.
Own your own gear and master it. Your footage should be properly framed, exposed, and focused.
Lens: Fast 1.8 or less, zoom, macro and a wide. Polarizers for each lens. No blown out skies
Audio: Lav set up and an external recorder.
Fluid head tripod.
Take a bland wedding and work your angles to make it look epic!
2nd shooter requirements:

Own your own gear and knowledgeable of cameras.
A solid shooter looking for professional experience.
Lens: Fast 1.8 or less, zoom, and a wide. ND or polarizers for each lens.
Fluid head tripod.
Other requirements:

Must be able to work as local in Philadelphia.
Must be available for 3-4 weekends in May, June, September, and October. Must be available Sept 4th-7th.
Having your own car a plus but not required.

Do not apply through Tweed website. Do not call.*
Job Type: Contract

Salary: $40.00 to $60.00 /hour