The story of a small assumption made based on a name. Emma has been dating her girlfriend, Jamie, for six months and her older brother, Matt, is finally coming to visit her and meet her girlfriend. Except Matt thinks Jamie is Emma’s boyfriend and has no idea his sister is gay.


Emma: 20-year-old female college student. She is a more laid-back person but is stressing over how to come out to her brother after he assumes she is dating a boy based on her girlfriend’s name. Lead Role.

Jamie: 20-year-old female college student. Emma’s girlfriend of 6 months. She is a joking and lovable person. She loves Emma but is angry and hurt when she finds out Emma hasn’t told her brother about their relationship yet.

Matt: 26-year-old man. Emma’s older brother. He is close with his sister, but he doesn’t know she is gay. He tries to be funny, tends to be relaxed and just slightly oblivious to relationships and the world around him.

If you are interested please send a resume, headshot, and reel (if available) to the email provided. Thank you!