Looking for an editor with experience or interest in sketch comedy. Specifically I do all the first cuts myself, I mainly need help tightening up audio levels and just smoothing out edges. My main job is to focus on writing, performing and producing so I really need a right hand man so I can delegate all the fine tuning off my chest and plow my ass of for gold. Must be familiar with premiere and final cut. I use premiere but my main editor uses final cut and he has no experience with premiere. And I have no experience with final cut.

This becomes such a headache because clips don’t line up accurately when jumping between programs. Different time codes for each so it’s just taking really long to go back and forth and it’s starting to waste my time dramatically.

Basically I need a beast who can handle my 5 min videos, help me adjust the audio and small errors ( very simple shit) and prepare it on premiere so it can be sent for finalizing in final cut, if that’s even needed. Must be willing to travel or be close to bucks county pa, specifically Warminster. Willing to put you on a monthly pay roll for assistance. An Extremely easy and fun gig because I’m one sweet ass dude. Holla. Vision is to upload one sketch a week, in addition to one podcast episode a week but that’s a separate convo.

Email me at sirtajpatheja@gmail.com or shoot me a text at 267-441-3010, maybe we might even become amigos or amigas together and transition into further work with sketches and the podcast. Anyways, Tell me a little about yourself and your level of competence. I need a nerd ninja willing to work hard but also have fun. Everybody loves a good time. Bada bing bada boop.