Principle Photography has already been concluded.
Casting V.O actress to play the role of the OPERATOR who works for an insurance company. (strictly voiceover / ADR type scenario)

Gender: FEMALE
Ethnicity: ANY
Age: 21 – ANY

Talent with ADR experience is a PLUS but not necessary.

SHORT FILM: SLOBBY features a young man by the name of Stanley who incurs an exceedingly strenuous and unwelcoming conversation with an insurance company. Simultaneously, his best friend Slobby is persistently harassing Stanley urging him to stop the call, avoid negative circumstances and change his outlook on life to being more positive. Before long, things get out of control forcing Stanley’s mother to intervene. Turns out everything that was transpiring was a figment of Stanley’s imagination. Slobby is Stanley best friend who is imaginary.

If interested contact email provided, a copy of the script will then be sent. Once comfortable with the script please send a voice recording to the email provided of lines / dialogue of your choice from the script. READINGS WILL BE ACCEPTED FROM NOW UNTIL 2/22/2019.

Any questions please ask !