Casting Call for Festival Selection Filmed Stage Play – What If Heaven Was Black.
A Stage Play that highlights several different scenarios that plaque the African American Community.
“What if Heaven was Black?” tells the story of eight strangers of all ages whose lives intersect in an unexpected way as they face their day of reckoning – ready or not. Will they make it through the pearly gates? Or will their past sins catch up with them? Either way, their fates will be decided by the end of the play.

Although the characters come from all walks of life – a police officer, a makeup artist, a high school senior with a football scholarship, a loving family man, a schizophrenic and more – Damon (writer) describes them as “all struggling with varying degrees of fear, sadness, confusion and a lack of understanding” that leaves their future eternity in question for them.

old male- who is a mystical, humorous character who shows up in every scene in the first act as a different person. During the second act Angel reveals self and guides each character through their self-revelation

Males, aged 30 to 50 from Pennsylvania, United States

Ethnicity: Black / African descent

1 Boys
1 pre-teen boys who likes to play and harassed a “weird” neighbor

Males, aged 12 to 13 from Pennsylvania, United States

David a marketing rep. who gets his ideas stolen from his co-worker.

Males, aged 30 to 35 from Pennsylvania, United States

Ethnicity: Black / African descent