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LOGLINE: When Sinead, 23, receives an unsolicited photo of genitalia, she must navigate strange physical symptoms: pain in her abdomen, exhaustion, but chiefly, an urgent need for light.

Mr. Vaughn: 66, male, white. A man comfortable in his traditional decades-long marriage.
Dr. Harold: 51, male, any ethnicity. A doctor just trying to do his job.
Mrs. Boyce: 60, female, white. A sweet suburban housewife who is blissfully unaware of her son’s nefarious activities.
Max Boyce: 25, male, white. Cute, stupid. Doesn’t understand how to navigate romance or sex in 2019.
Paulie: 48, male, white. Sinéad’s supervisor at the grocery store where she works. Has a hard time corralling his strange employee.