Seeking actors and actresses for two short films (10-20min) for the University of Pennsylvania Honors Film Program. Filming to take place around West and South Philadelphia in late March and early April. Calls separated by production below. Please contact with headshots, resumes and/or showreels for audition information.

FILM: Heavy Luggage: A yuppie Millennial opens the trunk of her boyfriend’s car and finds a hostage tied up inside it. She has until midnight to deliver him to the mob, or both she and her boyfriend are dead.

LISA: Female, 18-30, goes from anxious and weak-willed to confident and amoral.

CASHIER: Male, 18-30, acts as a sexist, boorish, chauvinist foil to the female lead.

HOSTAGE: Male, 18-45, terrified and begging for mercy. Must be comfortable in cramped spaces.

FRANKIE: Male, 18-30, a slick-talking chav/guido type who works for the mob.

MOB BOSS: Male, 18-65, very aggressive, loud and violent. Those who own black.grey suits preferred.

FILM: Last Day in Illium: in a modern adaptation of the Iliad, a young woman watches helplessly as her heroin-addicted family rushes unknowingly towards their doom.

CASSANDRA: Female, 18-25, quiet, sullen, struggling to accept her upcoming demise.

PARIS: Male, 18-30, consumed by guilt, compulsive, addicted to heroin.

HELEN: Female, 18-30, two-faced, unashamed, enables others’ heroin addictions.

HECUBA: Female, 40-65, amnesiac, forgetful and confused.

PRIAM: Male, 40-65, proud, rueful, and disappointed in his family.

MUSE: Female, 18-30, with a sinewy, melodic, and/or raspy voice.

HANDMAID: Female, 18-30, forced to watch her employer’s slow decline ins silence.