The Groupchat (working title): A group of hometown friends navigate the reality of their changing relationship dynamics as a result of attending different colleges, all while dealing with a night’s series of unfortunate events.

Coming of age comedy. Narrative short.

*All ethnicities invited to audition*

Everleigh: Female, 19-20, white, blonde, stoner, nursing student, smart funny, empathetic, care-free

Carmen: Female, 19-20, any ethnicity, sassy, eccentric, confident

Alex: Female, 19-20, any ethnicity, uptight, bossy, sensitive, composed

Brady: Male, 19-20, white, athletic, goofy, clueless, charming

Izzy: Female, 16-17, has to be same ethnicity as Carmen (sisters), cheerful, happy, youthful, witty, likable

Contact for script sides and audition information: