Project Title: Tulpa

Logline: A therapist is thrown in a spiral of paranoia after having recurring extraterrestrial dreams and strange meetings with a new patient.

Lead Roles:

Alice: Female, mid-late 20s, caucasian, therapist, professional, calm, friendly, becomes paranoid, protagonist.

Brad: Male, 30s – 40s, caucasian, smug, arrogant, creepily unusual, almost inhuman but feigns normalcy, member of Men in Black.

Supporting Roles:

Blake: Any gender, any ethnicity, mid – late 20s, calm, laidback, caring, friend to Alice.

Cara: Female, 40s, caucasian, cold, bland, pessimist, condescending

Small Roles:

Jordan: Any gender, any ethnicity, 18-24 years old, fragile, youthful, patient of Alice.

Please contact us at for script sides, then send in a taped audition via unlisted YouTube link.