“Behind The Mask Smiles” Headshots. Seeking several selected actors/actresses 18-60 any ethnicity to participate in a newly copyrighted concept in taking headshots. Visions Soar Productions is proud to spearhead this exciting opportunity to a selected few individuals for free to build this initiative. During these difficult and challenging times our industry is experiencing,we have come to expect the new norm of wearing masks all the time. Getting a headshot with a face mask on can actually be something very unique and appealing, which as a Cinematographer, I truly feel that expressions from an actor are most important to reveal. Having a mask on covers the mouth and nose, but the eyes are are what behold the true beauty of an individual and the most appealing. If interested in participating, please send a current headshot/picture of yourself and resume to be considered for a free session at behindthemasksmiles@gmail.com. So wear your favorite mask of choice, hairstyle, nice wardrobe, and have some fun smiling behind the mask! Again, only a limited number that will be selected for this unique opportunity.