We are a local up and coming content group that is looking for a dedicated cinematographer.

Yes, the pay isn’t great but we are hoping to find someone that understands and loves the indie way. At $25/hr, you will be paid each day you are on set. Work Thursday, get paid Thursday.

Currently, we are working on a short story series and have shot two episodes. We are looking to shoot two more episodes in the next 2-3 weeks and various short films/ episodes in the next six months.

We have the BMPCC 4K bundle, several lenses, audio and some lighting equipment (we are investing more into that now).

Additionally, all crew members must wear masks and follow social distance protocols as much as possible while on set. Food and refreshments provided as well.

If this project and ongoing projects interest you, please submit reel. If u don’t have a “reel”, any video work that you’ve done is okay.

Hope to hear from you soon!