Seeking 3 Male models of any ethnicity and 2 female models of any ethnicity for an upcoming commercial shoot on Sunday, May 26th. These are non-speaking roles, but Males should be comfortable with shirtless scenes.

1 Male model to play a musician. Tattoos and unique haircuts are welcome. Any age.
1 Male model to play a construction supervisor with a gritty look. 3 o’clock shadows and strong physique please! (mid 30’s)
1 Male model to play a pro athlete. Muscular physique needed. Lean muscles. Relatively young (18-26)

1 Female model, any age.
1 Female model, (late 30’s)

Pay for each role is $180. It is a 12 hour shoot, but we’ll likely only need each cast member for roughly 4-6 hours on set.

Please send headshots and/or websites to