The Right Fit is a new short film series discussing issues of body image and how we are all affected by the ideal or perfect body. We are currently searching for writers to form a writer’s room this summer and create 10 episodes ranging from 3-7 minutes in length.

Writers will workshop ideas for all episodes in the series. Once selected, episodes will be individually drafted for work-shopping in late summer and final scripts will be produced during Fall, 2019 and Spring, 2020.

If interested, please submit a screenwriting portfolio or samples of best narrative work. We also ask that you submit a 1-paragraph Personal Statement in relation to the topic of body image and/or responding to the following prompts:

A.How has the idea of the “ideal body” or “perfect body” affected you in your day to day life? How did it affect you as a child or teenager?

B.How has this topic influenced your creative work in the past? If this does not apply to past work, how might it influence your future projects?

We encourage all views on this topic, beyond thin and thick. The perfect or ideal body affects people from all races, ethnicities, gender-identities, sexual orientations, generations, and much more. The goal is to create an inclusive project that shares a wide range of experiences.

Screenplay Samples and Personal Statements must be sent to Writing submitted will only be used for the selection process.

Submissions Due June 8th by Midnight (12:00AM). Writers will be notified June 10th if selected for our writers room. Writing Position is volunteer, writers will receive credit on projects.