This is a casting call for a web-series that we are planning to distribute on Youtube. We are looking for young LGBTQ actors, experience or no experience, to star in this upcoming web-series to broaden LGBTQ representation in the horror genre. Young LGBTQ actors strongly encouraged to apply. Straight actors welcome as well, but LGBTQ actors preferred.”

Dysfunctional Friends

Synopsis: “Dysfunctional Friends” is a surreal, LGBTQ psychological horror/comedy web-series that centers ten LGBTQA teenagers as they volunteer on a political candidate’s campaign during the summer. Over time, as they continue to work on the campaign, reality begins to crumble around them.

Characters: Looking for talent between the ages of 18-20.

LUNA (Lead)- Caucasian, high school senior; A zealous, liberal, bisexual feminist who leads her friends in working on the campaign. As the summer grows hotter and longer, she begins to lose her sanity.

KENYA (Lead)- African-American, high school senior; A chill, bisexual girl who tries to keep the rest of her friends in a stable state of mind, but eventually gets lost in the madness as well.

AARON (Lead)- Asian-American, college freshman; A young, masculine gay boy who has been recently kicked out by his parents after coming out. He’s a bit nervous, but grateful when he meets and is accepted by the friends, and eventually becomes involved with the campaign. However, as he gets to know the friends more, their increasingly strange behavior and the strange events surrounding him all lead him to a horrifying revelation.

SARAH (Supporting)- Caucasian, high school senior; A tall, hippie-like, pansexual tomboy who tries her best to support her girlfriend, Ayanna (played by the producer) in the midst of everything that is going on.

MARION (Supporting)- African-American, high school senior; A sweet and reserved femme lesbian whose religious and homophobic father is running for mayor in the current election. She is constantly pressured by Luna to come out and stay true to herself.

TRINITY (Supporting)- African-American, high school senior; A geeky and friendly demisexual girl who is addicted to video games and anime. Her addiction to Minecraft briefly derails progress from the campaign.

SUMI(Supporting)- Asian-American, high school senior; A friendly, butch lesbian who starts working with the others on the campaign after coming back from vacation in Japan. She’s mostly left out of the loop when she joins and starts to become confused by some of the other characters’ behaviors.

WILLIAM (Supporting)- African-American, high school senior; The only straight guy in his group of entirely LGBTQ friends who has some conservative views, but is otherwise a straight ally.

CALEM (Supporting)- Caucasian, college freshman; A flamboyant, gay guy who is severely disliked by most of his friends because of a racist incident that happened nearly a year ago. As the series goes on, it becomes obvious there is a secret he is hiding that he desperately wants to share with them, but is unable to.

*We are planning to film between July and September, however, this may go on a little longer. We are looking for talent who have availability in the Philadelphia area around this time. If you know you would not be available, please do not apply. If you are interested in any of the roles listed, email at*

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