Objective: I am recreating a scene from the film “The Man With Two Brains.” The time period is modern day, and
the two leads are gender flipped. I know people are getting bored with gender swapped remakes but I truly believe that this story can be told from either a male or female perspective. The core message is about loving someone for who they are on the inside and not caring about how they look on the outside.

Roles :

Anne – Anne is now the widowed neurosurgeon who falls in love with a brain. Anne wishes to meet some one who is similar to her husband, but she doesn’t look in the right places. She’s shallow, stubborn, and egotistical, but deep down she’s just someone who wants to be in a loving relationship again.

Micheal – Micheal is now the brain. Micheal is stuck in a jar, alone with his own thoughts until he discovers his telepathic connection with Anne. He’s open minded, thoughtful, and charming, in a silly kind of way. After discovering he’s just a brain in a jar, the only person who can keep him calm is Anne. *Voice over role

Dr. Necessiter – The mad scientist who created the method of preserving brains in jars. Necessiter collects his brains from murder victims. He wants to see if minds can be transferred into new bodies. Anne and Micheal’s connection opens up new ways to conduct his experiments.

If interested, please email me a video of yourself performing a comedic monologue. You may include a resume and anything else you wish. Deadline is July 15th. Shooting dates are July 26th-28th. I will email you personally if I wish to see you for an audition.