Pre-Production will soon begin on a new film project entitled “The Warrensdale Mystery”. The film will be a fictional documentary(mockumentary) focusing on a bizarre and frightening missing persons case involving three young men who went off camping in the remote northern region of Pennsylvania and were never heard from again. The film will consist of an over arching narration, customized footage and various character interviews. As of right now, we need four keys roles to be filled to begin production. Below is a short description of each character that we are looking to cast. If interested, please respond with at least three professional headshots, resume and a sampling of your past work. This will be a paid job. This film promises to be a fun and interactive experience for both cast and crew as we explore the fascinating subject matter of the unknown. Filming will primarily take place in South Jersey. We look forward to hearing from you.

Mitch Donnovan- Caucasian Male (aged 30-45) Lead detective on the Warrensdale case. Compassionate but dogged investigator who is determined to solve the baffling disappearances of the three missing men.

Derrick Knight- African American Male (aged/open) Estranged brother of one of the missing men. Is haunted and guilt ridden by the disappearance of his brother. Has criminal past.

Dakota Pruitt- Caucasian Female (aged 25-30) Key witness to the three men’s disappearance. Her family stumbled upon the abandoned cabin occupied by the three men. Has lived under a cloud of suspicion for over a decade.

Ainsely Jane- Caucasian Female (aged 30’s) Sister of a mysterious fourth victim found murdered in the same spot the three men went missing. Struggles with substance abuse and is also guilt ridden over the disappearance/murder of her brother. Desperately seeks closure.