Hey y’all my name is Sirtaj and I am a former staff writer for CollegeHumor. Long story short that journey was beautiful but I’m 28 years old and it is now time to branch out and build my own platform with the help of all the friends and connections I have made thus far. I am going to upload and provide a link of all the videos I did while I was a college student, which landed me a job as a writer. I’m only doing this to give you a feel of sketch comedy. Obviously, I have written 300 more sketches since, and the future sketches we will be filming together will make those old sketches look like crusty turds. Tighter, smarter, and more satirical. Anyways, if anyone wants to work on comedy and build a professional relationship with me, I would be very grateful to have you a part of the team. We can help each other out by promoting and building each other’s individual channels as we go through the process of producing consistent content and growing our fanbase. That is enough details for now, if anyone wants to get involved please reach out so I can interview you. Then I can further explain how we will market and promote each piece of content based on everything I have learned at CollegeHumor. For now here is a link of my old sketches. It will give you a feel of the good times we can have. Plan is to film another 15 bank it up, and release one weekly with the least amount of stress.

If interested please reach out to Sirtaj at 267-441-3010 or email him at sirtajpatheja@gmail.com He prefers a text message first so he can get back to you faster.

Old work:

What I need- 3 editors

One editor- primary focus is the sound fx and musical rhythm of the timeline will explain
One editor- puts the timeline together assists Sirtaj – cuts and repackages export for other platforms
One editor – does the graphics titles and outro work and is A COLORIST!

Short Term Goals (Years 2020-2022) for Truth Fiction 91 LLC

• – Produce weekly sketch comedy videos
• – Produce weekly podcast videos
• – Produce behind the scenes vlogs, blooper compilations for the Patreon
• – Release content consistently every Wednesday

Long Term Goals ( Years 2022-2025) for Truth Fiction 91 LLC

• – Continue weekly sketch uploads to increase audience following
• – Transition into long form Comedy Movies and promote the trailer at the end of every sketch that are uploaded on Wednesdays
• – Rent out theaters and host Premiere events to room capacity for our most die-hard fans throughout out New York, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles
• – After 1 month of that release content for payable streaming to our channel subscribers online ( $2.00 for life long download of feature film)
• – Repeat process of filming free weekly sketches, weekly podcasts, and 1 feature film comedy movie every 2 years.

equity in company offered if compatible*