Hello Everyone!

On Thursday, April 18 I will be having auditions for my short film, CUDDLE, from 6pm-8pm in NoHo.

Please email me at stringerchristl@gmail.com for a time slot and sides.

I am currently seeking a place for South Jersey auditions and am open to video submissions, as well.

CUDDLE is about a professional cuddler who is mourning the recent death of his sister and has a new client who aspires to be the subject of a true crime documentary.

Filming will take place June 20-23 in Atlantic City, NJ. Housing will be provided (if needed) and travel will be reimbursed.

Character descriptions below:

All open ethnicity and paying $125/day.

Mark (Lead)

Late twenties-early thirties. Mark has been a professional cuddler for about eighteen months. He knows the ins and outs of the job. Clients continue service with him because he is quiet, soft-spoken, and a good listener. He enjoys drawing and puts the sketches he is most proud of on his refrigerator. He is single and a little shy. His sister, Tara, was older than him by three years.

Lydia (Lead)

Mid-thirties. Lives in a condo and was a plant lady at some point but now most of the plants are dead. Like everyone else in America, she has become obsessed with true crime documentaries and serial killers. After receiving her diagnosis about her terminal illness, she has fantasized about being murdered in her own home. Not eccentric until you get to know her.

Val (Supporting)

Mid-thirties. Same age as Tara. Married, warm, and will talk your ear off. Lived across the street from Mark and Tara when they were kids. She never had any intention on leaving her hometown. She doesn’t have a crush on Mark but she wants to connect with him because he is the only person who knew Tara nearly as well as she did.

I look forward to hearing from you!