Looking for a middle aged couple who are willing to be “aged up ” with makeup.

Sagacity is an upcoming independent project we are filming from September 14-25. Its about a troubled young man’s act of vandalism unknowingly leads to the
only person who can save him.

Filming will primarily take place in North Wildwood, New Jersey. these are paid positions and food and housing will be provided.

For this project, we are specifically in pursuit for a Grandmother and Grandfather role. Due to COVID-19, we dont want to look at anyone in the 60 plus age range, as there is a higher chance of risk. these roles are small, only requiring two scenes.

the description of the roles are as follows:

ROSEMARIE, 80, a model grandmother
Her disabled husband RON 85, unable to speak or move, with
the look of stroke.

We will have talented makeup artists and camera techniques to make someone appear older than they are.

for anyone interested, please contact my cell at 215-531-2396 or email at marabellachristopher@gmail.com.

We are looking for someone asap to fill these small but important roles