I am looking to form a writers room for SIX interested screenwriters. The project is a comedy-drama set at a historically black college. A brief synopsis below:

A Campus Story is a comedy-drama series that centers on the lives of an ensemble group of students at Garvey College, a fictional Pan African college in Pennsylvania. The series conveys an authentic depiction of black campus life not set in the South, unlike the notable HBCU’s like Howard, Spelman and Morehouse; Garvey College is based on the likes Lincoln University and Cheyney University, the only HBCU’s located above the Mason Dixon in rural Pennsylvania.

The series tackles present day challenges afflicting historically black colleges, their students, faculty and surrounding communities. Topics include, but not are not limited to, lack of school funding, student retention, power struggle, peer pressure, internalized racist, corruptive administration.

No previous experience needed. Any knowledge of historically black colleges and the culture surrounding its current status in society is HIGHLY PREFERRED.

It takes a village. We all must start somewhere. Please email joithomas95@yahoo.com with a writing sample. If no sample, please write a short description about yourself (age, location, years of writing experience) and what you will bring to this series.

Let’s create history.