10-15 minutes student produced project

iNFLUENCE: An ordinary gym bro gets thrust into the world of an influencer. Pilot.
We are casting for these roles:

Lead Roles:
Leo: Male/20’s, runner- Protagonist. Newest member Swag Space struggles to make videos that do not align with his beliefs.
MANNY: Male/late 20’s – Influencer manager who reaches out to Leo to sign to his label of content creators known as “Swag Space.”
DEE: Female/20’s – Head influencer of Swag Space. Feels threatened by a male presence entering a space she helped build. She blackmails Leo in hopes of sabotaging his place in the team.
Supporting Roles:
CHAD: Male/20’s – Leo’s best friend. They workout together. Supports signing to Swag Space
JAMIE: Male or Female or Nonbinary or Gender Non confirming/20’s – Leo’s childhood best friend. Doesn’t support signing to Swag Space.
FITNESS INFLUENCERS: Any gender, 18-25

For more information and a video taped audition contact: Viralfall2020@gmail.com