Log Line: Social media star Jason Blake finds himself the latest victim of cancel culture for reasons unknown after the hashtag #JasonBlakeIsOverParty starts trending online.

Lead Roles:
Jason Blake: Male 22-25, white, YouTuber, fast food reviewer. On camera: very energetic and compelling, theatrical Off-camera: prone to anxiety, yet still charismatic
Emma Hanover: Female, 22-25, any race, social media influencer, Jason’s friend/collaborator, confident, overactive imagination/escalating the situation not on purpose, it’s just in her nature, supportive.
Supporting Roles:
Roberta Johnson: Female, 22-30, any race, social media influencer, Jason’s rival, fast food reviewer, headstrong, accusatory, self-interested, passive-aggressive
Bryson Blake: Male, 14-17, white, younger brother to Jason. Minecraft streamer, schemer, intelligent, prankster
Jeanine Blake: Female, 50-60, white mother to Jason and Bryson, overprotective, cares for her sons, “Facebook mom”, worrier,
Taylynn: Female, 20-30, any race, beauty vlogger, making a YouTube apology, emotional, snooty.

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