With our last feature-length film, By Deception (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2231058), currently in post-production and having secured distribution, we are currently set to go into production for our next project, (Haunted Pages).

In association with Cloud Kicker Films, Haunted Pages is a horror feature about a budding novelist whose life begins to unravel when the fears and phobias that he writes about, start to become real after he experiences a traumatic event.

We are looking to round out our crew with a few dedicated and talented individuals in the following departments. Please note that we are still an up-and-coming production company and our rates are not an indication of how we value your time or talent. Our objective is to consistently make highly marketable micro-budget films in the range of $10k t0 $20k (entire production budget). So positions won’t pay, and while the experience is valuable, it is our intention to also offer our resources, (in the form of equipment and more), to those that come on board and lend a helping hand.

With that said, we are filming from Tuesday, May 11th to Monday, May 17th and looking to fill the following positions:

Sound Recordist: ($100 per day)
Responsible for fitting lav mics, as well as recording and monitoring the sound output on all on-screen talent and contributors.

Gaffer(s): ($75 per day)
Responsible for executing the lighting plan and working closely with the DP to achieve the best look for this horror film.

Production Assistants: (unpaid)
Please list which department/area you are willing to assist.

All equipment will be provided, and an equipment list will be given to selected individuals.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out.