“Daniel Phillips – Witness Protection” is a 3-5 minute short film for youtube about a CIA agent on a mission to rescue a hostage who he was assigned to protect. It will be action loaded with prop weapons, visual effects, and fight choreography.

I have an opportunity for adult actors who are interested in the action genre and would love to have a fight scene for their portfolio. The ability to do stunts is definitely a great skill to have proof of for being cast in some of the top movies.

If you have experience with the following, you may be a perfect fit for the roles we have:
– played a violent sport once in their life (any level)
– know a martial art
– stunt experience
– or just enjoy beating themselves up

All choreography and stunts will be rehearsed before shooting day and even though it will be staged and harmless to yourselves we will take safety precautions to ensure that this will just be a fun experience like “play fighting” when you were a kid.

We have 19-25 roles available for people who just want to get shot and killed and have no dialogue
and 4 main roles
CIA agent
Main bad guy
Chief of CIA

To audition please send me your name, your age, where you are from, and an audition tape to…
or (484)868-2542

Good Audition Tapes can include:
– a monologue representing any of the main roles above
– a video of you taking a fall (representing getting shot)
– or any videos of you throwing punches/doing a martial art.