I am a filmmaker with my own production company (since 2011 – started in New York and now in Philly). I am looking to see if there is anyone out there who might be a good partner for me in this – since I am looking to further the productions a little beyond what I just pay for mostly myself.

I am all creative, have lots of ideas and projects lined up that I want to do in the future. I’m also great at producing and doing just about everything that can be considered creative.

Where I lack talents is in the PR/business side of things. I would love to team up with someone (who like what I do/plan to do and have done of course) who is much better at the schmoozing, social, the fundraising, the paperwork and all the business sides that I don’t have many skills in.

This is meant for someone out there who, like me, maybe would love to either start producing – or produce more – but (hopefully) is more stuck on the creative and the “hands-on” where I excel.

Whatever your background is doesn’t matter so much. Obviously you’d need to have an interest in all this and possess the necessary skills. I am doing fine on my own but if I want things to go to the next level I will need to get the company out there more.

I would be able to pay some hourly – but it would all depend on what work is done and how.

Firstly; I’d love to have a good long chat with whoever is interested in this kind of collaboration.

Hope to hear from some fellow entrepreneurs.

Thank you!