Hey Guys I am a recent NYU alum, and staff writer for CollegeHumor, after years of planning its time for something new.

Looking for a talented sound engineer interested in helping setup and run a weekly podcast. If chosen he or she will be put on a monthly payroll. Need someone who understands with confidence and efficiency how to use audio interface, mixers, multi camera production streaming etc. This is a comedy podcast, basically looking for a young jamie if anyone is familiar with the Joe Rogan experience podcast. Technical wizards please direct message me with a couple of sentences about why you would be good or who you think would be an excellent fit. Please provide your number, thank you so much and gave a great day!

ps. Will need guidance in creating an atmosphere on our set that will cater to the best sound quality. This will be fun and if we are a good fit we can work on sketch comedy together, in other words the possibilities are endless lol. Bang Bang