Our small but mighty production company is looking to fill an immediate role for a production pro ready to wear the multiple hats required in many productions.The Associate Producer and/or Producer must have solid national experience, TV or digital experience. We are seeking immediate part time support (3 days a week) with the potential of this role becoming a full time position. We are seeking a producer and/or associate producer with a real passion for filmmaking, and experience working on teams with series, documentaries, corporate video and podcasting to support an executive producer on a number of upcoming film, video and audio projects.

You should thrive on multi-tasking, be organized, capable of working on multiple projects at the same time while easily moving from short form to long form storytelling. Your gifts should including being an organized and tenacious problem solver, creative thinker, someone well versed and interested in social and political issues. For you producing includes being personable, moving easily between the booking and conducting preinterviews, to coordinating intricate details of a multi-camera shoot or storyboarding. We encourage candidates with Premier editing, camera, and audio experience to apply for this role on our team. You should not be afraid of hard work and a full day supporting any aspect of production. We work in Chester County and welcome candidates with film, video, editing experience as well a genuine passion for solid journalism and even podcasting. The role would require you spend 80% of time on site and 20% remote. Please send resume, reel, sample of your top 2-3 video projects and your current availability.

This is a paid role based on experience.