We are looking for multiple Supporting Roles for a senior thesis short film shooting near Temple University in mid-late February.The story follows a teen who is coping with the loss of their close friend.

Character descriptions:

-Name: Jilei
Asian descent
Age: 17

Everything looks like it is going well in Jilei’s life, but under this guise, his family life is unstable and hurting him

-Name: Alex
Open gender- can be cis, trans, man, or woman, etc. to apply
Ethnicity: Any
Age: 17

Has head on straight, peaceful, calming presence, has been hurt but their parents have been a great emotional support.

-Name: Papa
Ethnicity: Any
Age: 50

Lacks empathy, close to being mute, doesn’t know how to express his own emotions.

-Name: Mom
Ethnicity: Any
Age: 48

She cares about her child, but can’t seem to get close to her.

If you are interested in any of these roles, contact us at Xshortfilm2021@gmail.com